Semi-professional and reliable McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw

McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw is a very good variant of instrument for regular and occasional use. This particular model offers everything for rather experienced user. It suits for tougher tasks around the household or garden. One more important thing is the universality of this tool. Casual operators with experience will definitely like it. Moreover, they will find a couple of interesting tasks for this instrument.

Specifications of McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw

Technical characteristics of McCulloch CS 400T


Power, kW1.5
Engine displacement, cc40
Bar length, inch14-18
Chain pitch, inch3/8
Fuel tank, liter0.3
Oil tank, liter0.2
Weight, kg5.5

McCulloch company is famous for its non-professional and semi-professional gasoline chainsaws. Hero of this article is a semi-professional instrument. Rather standard engine with 1.5 kW power won’t impress you. In fact, there is no need to shock or impress someone. Just an ordinary engine with displacement equal to 40 cc. These figures allow us talking about a semi-professional instrument, than about non-professional one. Don’t worry, if you have a great desire, it can become your first saw. Nevertheless, for the starting tool, it’s better to find something lighter and less powerful.

The weight of McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw is also an average one and equal to 5.5 kg. Taking into consideration above mentioned figures, it’s obvious that power to weight ratio can be better. Fortunately, it’s not the worst in the world, but not the best one too. Definite advantage of this chainsaw is the variety of available bars. Operators can work with 14-18 inches bars. McCulloch CS 400T is a rather universal thing. It can be used practically in any corner of your household and garden. Maximum power speed of it is 9.000 rpm. Capacity of fuel tank is equal to 0.3 liter. Capacity of oil tank is equal to 0.2 liter. Fuel tank could have been just a little bit bigger.

Distinctive features of McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw

Distinctive features of McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw

Useful technologies of McCulloch CS 400T

Semi-professional chainsaws often have many systems and technologies. These useful things help during work and maintenance. Nobody will deny some additional comfort. The first and the most significant technology is called OxyPower. Fuel consumption becomes more efficient. Operator gets more power, 70% lesser exhaust and 20% lesser consumption of fuel. McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw saves nature and your budget. Soft Start system was created for quick and smooth beginning of working process. Resistance in the starter cord is reduced up to 40%.

Tool-less chain tensioning system is a common and very useful thing. Everything is simple. Operator can adjust the chain for several seconds without tools. Many famous models by Husqvarna and STIHL have not a tool-less chain tensioner, so this is a big plus for McCulloch model. Combined choke/stop control gives more reliability to the engine. Double activated chain brake protects all users. The chain can be stopped manually or due to the inertia. Soft grip handle is a very small but convenient thing that gives additional comfort during work.

Conclusion about McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw

Conclusion about McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw

Summary about McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw

Like every product in this world McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw has disadvantages. It can become overheated after 10-15 minutes of tough work and won’t start for several minutes. So, remember, do not use it for monster trees and branches. Just keep going with ordinary trees and firewood. Make some pauses even in this case. Occasional stalls can be also observed. Nevertheless, this tool costs all spent money, every cent. 2-year warranty from the producer is one more plus. Experienced houseowners know, that it’s possible to double this term. It can’t compete with similar Husqvarna and STIHL tools, but remember about the price. You can buy two chainsaws from McCulloch and only one from popular brand. It’s enough for every household or garden to own this gasoline chainsaw. All in all, this model is a well-balanced one (except to the power to weight ratio) and is a universal tool. Trimming of bushes and trees as well as cutting of branches and trunks with small/average diameters are the best tasks for this instrument.

Review of McCulloch CS 400T gasoline chainsaw

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