Solutions to typical problems with chainsaws for novice loggers

Everyday novice loggers face different problems. Lack of experience and totally new instruments lead to the great amount of different unnecessary breakdowns. Some people have no desire to read manual and other types of instructions. Others perform work carelessly and forget about carefulness. Nevertheless, many new woodcutters face other problems even if they don’t make common mistakes.

Common mistakes in handling with gasoline chainsaws

Tips for novice loggers

Solutions to problems for inexperienced arborists

First of all, examine your chainsaw properly before going to the woods or cutting several branches around your household. Check all main parts and don’t forget about gasoline, oil and lubricant. Then remember that cold start isn’t an easy thing, so don’t be afraid or angry when your chainsaw refuses to start after 2 or 3 attempts. Be patient and make everything carefully, usually chainsaws start after 5 or 6 attempts. In case you haven’t succeed, you should definitely check the spark plug. Simple changing solves this problem in the majority of cases. In other situations it’s better to take your tool to servicemen. Don’t forget to do simple things before and after work.

Next bunch of problems arise during cutting of wood. The most typical are chain cut crooked, cuts an angle of engine starts to drag. In these cases examine your bar, if everything is OK, then you have problems with filling cutters, cause they are at various angles. The second variant is inconsistent filling pressure. Sharpen cutters once again and try to make them equal, pay attention on depth gauges and don’t forget to examine bar rails. In case everything is done correctly you can proceed with working.

One more popular problem is when the chain dulls quickly. First of all learn to sharpen it properly or take it to professionals. Another common occasion is thin or feathered cutting edges. Novices tend to hold the handle too low or to press it heavily at the fastest speed of the instrument. Sprocket is a small but important part of every gasoline chainsaw. Worn-out or sprockets of wrong size will also dull your chain quickly. In sake of not only your chain but also your life check side-tensioning screws.

Useful tips to solve problems with bars and chains

Troubleshooting guide on gasoline chainsaws

Typical breakdowns of bars and chains

Chain of gasoline chainsaw binds and needs more pressure for working. Wrong top-plate angle can arise due to incorrect handling of the chainsaw, often starters take it at an angle less than 35 degrees. Check depth gauges, cause their arrangement can be too high. Additional refilling can also help to solve this unpleasant problem. Chains can also overheat and scratch the wood. Usage of good oil solves this problem. It’s better to carry the instrument not too low and you won’t face this problem. Cutters of the chainsaw dig too far in the wood or can take only very thin slices. These two problems usually arise from incorrect setting of depth gauges. Usually, they are too low, so you should reset and also refile, if you won’t to get rid of this problem.

There are many things connected with bad or worn-out bar. Of course, the better decision is to buy a new one or at least to regroove it in barrebuilbing machine. The best but the most expensive decision is to change bar, sprocket and regrind the chain. It’s better to do this if chain slops into guide bar, overheats or cuts wood in a crooked way. Simple things like examining bar rails or bar links.

These are the most typical problems with chainsaws, chains, bars and sprockets. Novices usually face other ones too, for example problems with engines. Some models are really very inconvenient to clean, but air filters and other crucial parts should be cleaned regularly. Careful handling and following mentioned above tips will save a lot of money. Even inexperienced users want to prolong terms of exploitation. Sometimes it’s really very hard to solve some technical problems. In these situations wise guides together with professional help of servicemen will definitely help you.

Most typical problems with chainsaws

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