STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaws – competition of power and size

Those operators who want to acquire light and powerful tool for cutting trees should read the following material. Producers offer us instruments that are both good for work on the ground and up in the sky. Yes, we’re gonna to discuss STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaws. They have top handles and almost similar technical characteristics. So, which model is the best one?

Comparison of STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaws

Technical characteristics of STIHL MS 192 T and Husqvarna T435


Model STIHL MS 192 THusqvarna T435
Power, kW1.31.5
Engine displacement, cc30.135.2
Bar length, inch1212-14
Chain pitch, inch3/83/8
Weight, kg 3.13.4

Famous and popular producers STIHL and Husqvarna compete for decades. There are two camps, each praises one producer and doesn’t like the opponent. We’re not in these camps and try to make an unbiased comparison of these tools. If we’re talking about engines then Husqvarna wins. Just compare characteristics of engine in STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaws standoff. We have 1.3 kW power and 30.1 cc displacement (STIHL) vs. 1.5 kW and 35.2 cc (Husqvarna). Now let’s have a look at the weight. STIHL model is lighter, cause it’s less powerful. Nevertheless, the weight is 3.1 kg and it’s better to work high in the trees with this tool. Rather then with Husqvarna T435 (weight equal to 3.4 kg). Perfectly balanced power to weight ratio is an advantage of both models. In this case we have no winner.

Now let’s move to the available bars. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaw offers a range from 12 to 14 inches. At the same time STIHL MS 192 T has only one option – 12 inches bar. Of course, it’s better to have a choice, even a narrow one. We can admit the Husqvarna model tends to be more universal one. It’s also better for some harder tasks. But, STIHL chainsaw is better for work in the trees, due to the lighter weight and more compact size. For on ground tasks it’s better to use Husqvarna T435.

Similarities and crucial differences of STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaws

STIHLDistinctive features of STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435

Special characteristics of STIHL MS 192 T and Husqvarna T435

There is no doubt that both tools are manufactured with the usage of the best materials. In this case we can say that these chainsaws are equally reliable ones. All Husqvarna chainsaws tend to cut everything as fast as possible. STIHL products are characterized by low end torque that leads to better productivity. Problems with engines more often occur with Husqvarna products. Lower speed of performance is a characteristic of STIHL saws. Many professionals value their time and of course many experienced arborists are looking for opportunities of better cutting. Prices of both tools are pretty the same, so the choice is getting harder and harder.

If we’re talking about comfort and the working process, so in this case wins STIHL MS 192 T gasoline chainsaw. Producer offers things like ElastoStart system, for better and easier starting of the engine. Systems for vibration reduction are used in both models. Compensator is STIHL and X-Torq system in Husqvarna reduce fuel consumption, regulate it and prolong lives of engines. STIHL Ematic-System lubricates bar and chain, as well as reduces the usage of oil up to 50%. Of course, Husqvarna T435 also has automatic chain lubrication, but without the option of saving your money. Side-chain tensioners of both models require a screwdriver to adjust the chain and this is a minus. Single-lever master control allows manipulating the STIHL chainsaw with single pushes of buttons on one panel. If we speak about servicing and maintenance, Husqvarna wins, cause it’s easier to reach all parts without tools. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that STIHL MS 192 T is more intelligent product that gives more help and additional comfort during work.

Conclusion about STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaws

Conclusion about STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaws

Summary about STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435

If you’re STIHL or Husqvarna fan the choice between these two models is obvious. In case you’re an impartial potential buyer, you should make a decision. For those loggers who are looking for a universal tool for regular use Husqvarna T435 is a more preferred variant. This model has more powerful engine wider range of bars and heavier weight. But if your goal is to perform tasks up in the sky or in hard to reach places you should pay attention to STIHL MS 192 T gasoline chainsaw. It’s lighter more compact and all in all more convenient tool.

The most common mistake with Husqvarna tool is to perform complex tasks. Yes, the engine is rather powerful, but don’t try to cut things more than 8 inches in diameter. You can observe problems with restarting it after the engine was stopped because of heavy load. Practically the same thing is with STIHL model. It was created only for cutting branches and trimming bushes. So, don’t forget about this and don’t perform tough tasks. Take into consideration all above-mentioned facts and make your choice wisely.

STIHL MS 192 T vs. Husqvarna T435 gasoline chainsaws

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