Chainsaw review stihl ms361

Well, if you need a powerful professional chainsaw, read this overview and you’ll know why STIHL MS 361 is your best choice and why should you purchase it.

If STIHL Corporation would have a need to stop production of all their chainsaws, except one, they would probably save this tool. Almost every product of STIHL is designed to be professional, even the light models. For sure you can use compact models if you if you work in building team; still some of their tools are far more powerful and multi-purpose, therefore, are able to be used in serious projects. And STIHL MS 361 is one of these instruments.

Strengths and weaknesses of stihl ms361

This modern chainsaw has high performance and great reliability, and ranks among the top chainsaws in the whole world, not just STIHL catalog.
The MS 361 works with guide bar with a length up to 24”. This allows you to cut almost eny tree you have to. The best performance this saw shows when using 18” to 20” long bar which makes it much more flexible.

Stihl MS361
Working with a saw having engine with engine displacement of 59 cc (capacity is 4.4 hp), you will hardly feel anything when saw growls at your arms, due to the modern anti-vibration system (recently improved).
Owners of this saw highly value the power it has and the extremely rare need to make operations with its air filter, spark plug, oil and fuel systems.
Sure you want to know, what the weaknesses of this saw are. And it’ll be honest to tell you, there aren’t many things can make you chose other saw. Some owners claim that saw is too heavy (12.3 lb in working state). It’s simple to explain: the more power engine has, the more it weights. And if you need a performance the STIHL MS361 provides, you’ll have to face a sufficient weight it has.
The other downside is a cold start. It’s a bit hard to start the MS 361 in a frosty weather. There are some companies and models that are intended to start quickly in a low temperature, but it’s not a huge problem: just make 4-6 pulls and your saw is running. One of the rewires told that saw engine stalls when the air filter is covered with snow and the saw works on engine idle speed. So you have to keep the snow away from there or press a throttle trigger from time to time.

Another factor is a price. Well, if you need a professional, outstanding chainsaw, capable of clearing a forest, working all day long, get ready to pay the price it deserves. And remember, you’re paying for the one of the best tools ever: stihl ms361! It is worth the money.

Stihl MS361 Specifications

To get the full picture, there are table below, that shows some technical characteristics of this machine:

Chainsaw class Domestic
Power, kW 3.3
Engine capacity, cc 59
Max. Bar length, inch 24
Fuel tank volume, L 0.68
Weight (no fuel), kg 5,6

Other technological features: preheating carburetor system to work in cold environment, highly-efficient anti-vibration system, decompression valve makes start easier, caps of fuel and oil tanks you can access without tools.


STIHL saws have some advantages, making them best on the market. Most of them present in the MS 361 model.

  • STIHL MS 361 parts are easy to find everywhere;
  • only the best quality materials is used to construct this saw;
  • long history of the company made all the construction decisions perfect;
  • Saw is built to work for tens of years.

Video Stihl MS 361 ignition module repair “Must see for all stihl owners”

STIHL MS 361 is a durable and powerful machine, that has no serious flaws!

Why should you purchase stihl ms361 + Video for owner

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