Thorough comparison of cordless and electric chainsaws

Many homeowners prefer to use different cordless and electric chainsaws. These instruments perfectly suit for different work around yards and also they can be used indoors. Actually it’s very hard to decide what instrument is the best variant. In this article will try to focus advantages and disadvantages of these tools, compare them and will try to choose the most appropriate tool for occasional use.

Key differences

Distinctive features of cordless and electric chainsaws

Thorough comparison cordless and electric chainsaws

First of all let’s look at the power source in comparison of cordless and electric chainsaws. These instruments use electricity, but in the first case chainsaw has a battery and in the second one — it works with the help of electricity and cord. It’s hard to pick up the most suitable variant. Battery should be charged and this is a big minus, cause user should stop working process and wait till the battery is fully charged, Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium is a good example of short-living battery. At the same time there is a possibility to take cordless chainsaw everywhere you want. Electric chainsaw can work without this stops, but you need a stable source of electricity and really long cord, in case you want to move around your households.

In comparison of cordless and electric chainsaws it should be said that their electric motors are almost the same. Operators shouldn’t perform work non-stop, cause the engine can become overwarmed, you should make breaks cause the engine should cool down. There is no such a problem with cordless instruments, logger will stop as soon as the battery is empty. Not so many battery-powered tools can work more than 40-50 minutes, and the tougher is the task the quicker battery looses power. Experienced users of cordless tools say that it’s worthy to buy an additional battery, just to save time in future.

Many users have a lot of different things to do indoors and for these tasks electric chainsaw is the best variant. Cordless instrument is also an acceptable variant, but it’s better to use electric one, due to the lower level of noise and vibration. Electric tools have longer bars, but it’s a good feature, especially for indoor work, cause it’s possible to use bars of wider range. For outdoor tasks it’s better to buy a cordless tool, like STIHL MSA 200 C-BQ, cause with it you will get more space for maneuver and shorter bars. These features are crucial especially for hard to reach places, all in all battery powered instruments are more compact.


what chainsaw is the best

Decision about comparison of cordless and electric chainsaws c

Each potential buyer should decide what particular tool suits to him. The number of available variants is really a great one. If you need a tool for outdoor work around the household it’s better to buy a cordless chainsaw. If you’re planning to do something indoors then buy an electric chainsaw. Electric instruments are usually more powerful but feature bigger sizes and heavier weight. Actually, it’s up to user what variant is the best one. In all cases don’t forget to read attached manual and some useful articles. Some cordless chainsaws go without batteries and chargers and you will have to spend additional sums of money to buy them.

comparison of cordless and electric chainsaws

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