Tips to prolong life of gasoline chainsaw

Gasoline chainsaw at the same time is complicated and simple instrument. Both professional and non-professional loggers want to prolong working term of these tools. The majority of producers usually ensure five years of reliable exploitation of their products. Actually, it’s possible to prolong this five-year term in case of careful and good exploitation.

General information to increase terms of exploitation

Information to use chainsaw for years

First of all users should buy appropriate tools. Novices shouldn’t buy professional gasoline chainsaw, cause they don’t have necessary experience. This can be dangerous for buyer’s health and without experience they can easily break this high technological devices. Professionals should also buy appropriate tools, cause they can prolong the life of chainsaws, using their experience.

Timely maintenance and cleaning of different parts and filters of gasoline chainsaw are also important things. Reliable and robust work could be also achieved by careful exploitation. Tools for regular and occasional work shouldn’t be used for hard and tough tasks, cause their term of exploitation will finish rather quick or some crucial details will break. Less powerful instruments are for trimming some trees or bushes, but won’t suit for felling trees. There is one perfect solution to this problem for novice users, they can rent several chainsaw and choose the most suitable and convenient one.

Some common mistakes in usage and tips to avoid them

General mistakes of loggers

Every user should be acquainted with the capabilities of his instrument. After purchase carefully read manual and maybe several articles on the Internet, concerning your particular model. User should also change bars on time, cause they have indentions after frequent usage. One more common mistake is the work with chainsaw without breaks. Even powerful professional gasoline chainsaws need breaks during the working day, in this case their engines will serve for a longer period of time. Every single logger should have some lubricant for bars, without this oil bar and chainsaw will overheat. Don’t even try to do this with used motor oil, cause it lost lubrication features and have small metal parts. In this case your bar and chain will wear out much quicker.

There are a lot of other common mistakes made even by experienced loggers, that bring a lot of harm to their instruments. Users should leave gas tank dry, in case they won’t use the instrument for several weeks. In case you want not to use the tool for more than a month it’s better to remove the spark plug and add some oil there. If you don’t want to leave your fuel tank dry, than add some gas stabilizer. In this case your carburetor will serve for longer term. Adding some WD 40 inside the carburetor will also save it from breaking.

Experienced arborist always has several sharpened chains with him, in case of some unpredictable things, like running into rock or ground. Always use sharpened chains, cause this will simplify and fasten the work of the chainsaw. The more your saw and its engine is loaded with the work, the faster the whole instrument or some important parts will break down. It’s possible to learn how to sharpen chains by yourself, but always there professionals and the price is really a low one.

Small pieces of advice for novice loggers

Info about chainsaw parts and way of handling with them

There is a very good habit to check all bolts, nuts and screws of your instrument. Everything should be tightened, doing this you make the usage of gasoline chainsaw much safer and also prevent it from different breaks. Don’t forget to clean and adjust spark plugs and carburetors of your instruments. Pay special attention to hoses and starter rope, they should be changed in time.

Some users forget to add oil to gas, and engines suffer from this heavily. Carefully read the user manual before mixing these liquids, cause different models require different quantity of gas and oil. Mix them well, oil can appear on the bottom of the gasoline tank and won’t help to the work of the engine.

If you observe some strange and non-typical things in the work of your instrument, it’s better to finish working and bring gasoline chainsaw to professional serviceman. Performance with broken chainsaw can lead to dangerous things and also won’t influence on the instrument well. Just take care of your tool, clean and change all crucial parts of it on time and you’ll prolong its life for several years.

All producers care about health and comfort of their customers. Nevertheless, gasoline chainsaw remains one of the most dangerous instruments that can be found in your garage. Careful exploitation will save not only your nerves and money but also your health. Novice loggers should think several times before doing something and not to use their instruments for occasional use in tough conditions and for hard tasks. This will quickly lead to some breaks and in rare cases even to injures.

How to prolong life of gasoline chainsaw

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