Troubleshooting Chainsaw Bar Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are common in chainsaws. If you see the leak after you’ve used it and if your oil level in the tank doesn’t go down, it could only be an oil residue from the bar and chain that’s dripping down. A small amount of leaking is normal. The bar has no seal in it, so some of the oil seeps out.

However, if your chainsaw is leaking oil all the time and your oil level is going down, these can be the possible issues and the solutions:

There is pressure inside the tank

Since gravity is feeding the bar oil, a little oil leak is normal. If you are leaking more oil than usual, the tank may be building up pressure when it gets hot. Open the oil reservoir to release the pressure, then close it again before storing.

Damaged or missing rubber seal or ring

Check if the rubber seal that is located where the oil seeps from the reservoir onto the chain is still there, and if it’s in good condition. If the rubber seal is not there or if it’s in bad shape, you need to replace it. Over time and due to heat, the rubber seal might have shrunk. While the seal is not meant to stop the oil, it slows it down. A defective or missing rubber seal will account for the continuous oil leak.

There’s a crack in the case

If your oil tank is getting empty fast and it’s not coming from the chain, there could be a small crack in the case. Clean the chainsaw, empty the oil tank and put some thin oil to check the location of the leak. If it’s in the case, put some epoxy over it or buy a new case.

The angle of the chainsaw when stored is wrong

When storing your chainsaw, make sure it’s on an even and flat surface. Put a cardboard under your saw so you can check which area is leaking. If it’s under the bar and chain, that is a normal “leak”. Change the angle of your chainsaw and see it the leak improves.

Why chainsaw Bar Oil Leak?

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