Typical problems with engines of chainsaw

Different gasoline chainsaws from various producers usually are very reliable devices. Unfortunately, every single user isn’t insured in proper work without any breakdowns. The most common term of exploitation without tough problems and need to change some crucial details is five years. The majority of producers operate with this particular number while advertising their products. Engines of these devices are the most robust parts, at the same time there many various problems and breakdowns with them. In this article we’ll focus on the most common problems with chainsaw engines.

Easiest problems with engines

Small problems with engines

Engine of every single gasoline chainsaw is a “steel heart” of this instrument and the most reliable part of it. Careful exploitation together with timely maintenance will help to prolong the life of this detail. There are easy and quick solutions to some problems, but in rare cases engines need a lot of money and time to be repaired. No-start condition is among the most common problems, the thing is that the engine turns without problems, but refuses to start. There are a lot of reasons, starting from the problem with spark plug and up to bad wiring.

Start-stop condition is one more widely spread thing in the world of gasoline chainsaws. The essence of this effect is when the engine starts without problems, but after few seconds stops, this also can occur when the process of work has just started. First of all this can happen due to the spark plug arrestor screen. Other “popular” reasons for stopping are problems with carburetor and its clogged ports, that are in charge of injecting the necessary amount of fuel and air into the engine’s cylinder. This condition can also be caused by bad gas caps, spark plugs and fuel filters.

Users of gasoline chainsaws can also experience hard start of the engine, this means that several details of chainsaw need some maintenance. Problems in fuel or air systems can cause this breakdown, so first of all it’s better to carefully examine both.

Change spark plug, this also can help to solve this problem, only strong spark can start the engine and keep it working. User can also clean the intake and exhaust, only after this he can proceed to fuel tank and carburetor.

Toughest problems with engines

Tough breakdowns of engines

Problems with performance can occur even after successful start of engine and its normal work without cutting wood. Professionals know that in this case the engine needs tuning, this can happen if this detail sputters or lack power. Logger should change small parts like air filter in time, in this case he won’t experience such breakdowns. If everything is good, your engine needs just small but accurate tuning.

One of the toughest situations is when the engine refuses to turn, this can happen after a long term of non-exploitation or after wrong usage of chainsaw.

Bad lubrication can be among the first reasons of this breakdown, cause metal parts contact with each other without lubricant. In this case the user should repair the engine or bring to professional service.

In the majority of cases, maintenance costs almost like a brand new engine, so it’s easier to buy a new one. Professional logger never forgets to use lubricant, cause he values his instrument and money.

The main advantage of every single gasoline chainsaw engine is its simplicity, in case you have some mechanical experience, you can serve your own device by yourself. In case you don’t know how to repair it’s better to ask professional mechanics, they will definitely make all the work quickly, but you’ll spend more money. Just clean and replace all necessary parts in time and you won’t need any complicated maintenance for a long period of time. The engine is quiet a reliable part of the chainsaw, so use it accurately and it will serve you for many years.

Common problems with gasoline chainsaw engines

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