Unbiased comparison of three non-professional gasoline chainsaws

Homeowners all over the world need some reliable and rather powerful tools for occasional or regular use. The market is full of various models from different producers. Actually, there are three interesting variants, appropriate for usage by houseowners and farmers. These tools are Homelite 16 In. 42 cc, Husqvarna 135 and Oleo-Mac GS 35 C. All three non-professional gasoline chainsaws are almost equal according to their technical data, but still have some important differences.


Specifications of non-professional chainsaws

Technical characteristics of chainsaws

Model Homelite 16 In. 42 cc Husqvarna 135 Oleo-Mac GS 35 C
Power, kW 1.6 1.4 1.5
Engine capacity, cc 38 40.9 36
Bar length, inch 16 14-16 16
Chain pitch, inch 3/8 3/8 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.33 0.37 0.36
Weight, kg 4.4 4.4 4.4

Homelite 16 In. 42 cc gasoline chainsaw is an appropriate variant of non-professional instrument. This model features 2-Cycle gas motor engine with the power equal to 1.6 kW. The weight of it is 4.4 kg that’s why power to weight ratio is rather good one. Operators can use 16 inches bars and the tool is very compact. Producer also used several technologies to improve the performance of chainsaw and comfort of users.

The next chainsaw is Husqvarna 135 and it can also boast with rather powerful engine of 1.4 kW. The weight of this model is the same as the previous one and equal to 4.4 kg. Bars from 14 to 16 inches can be used on this instrument. Husqvarna chainsaws have always been products of the highest quality and this one isn’t an exception to the rule. These tools are also famous for modern systems that make logger’s life simpler and better.

The last instrument in this comparison is called Oleo-Mac GS 35 C gasoline chainsaw. Engine of this chainsaw has power of 1.5 kW together with the 4.4 kg weight, it creates pleasant power to weight ratio. The only variant of bar is 16 inches, bit this thing couldn’t be considered as a disadvantage of this model. For some American users Oleo-Mac brand is unfamiliar one, actually this the Italian trademark. Good design of all small parts makes handling an easy thing.

Thorough comparison of non-professional gasoline chainsaws

Small details of chainsaws

Technologies of three chainsaws

Now let’s compare three non-professional gasoline chainsaws more thoroughly and try to choose the best one. First of all, model with the most powerful engine is called Homelite 16 In. 42 cc. At the same time the biggest engine capacity equal to 40.9 cc is a feature of Husqvarna 135, Homelite 16 In. 42 cc has 38 cc and Oleo-Mac GS 35 C has 36. Actually, all chainsaws are pretty the same during working process, but Homelite 16 In. 42 cc shows a little bit better performance than other tools, cause it cuts faster and better. Nevertheless, it couldn’t be compared with heavy professional instruments.

The next crucial point is user’s comfort, all three non-professional gasoline chainsaws are compact and have the same weight. Moreover, all models are rather compact to fulfill tasks in hard to reach places. Nevertheless, Husqvarna 135 is the best variant considering this characteristic, just because operators can work with bars from 14 to 16 inches. Users of two other models have no choice and can work only with 16 inches bars. Working time is practically the same one for all models.

The most reliable and highly technological tool is Husqvarna 135. Other chainsaws also can boast with different hi-tech systems, but in this case the first place goes to Husqvarna model. This instrument has special X-Torq engine that reduces fuel consumption as well as reduces the capacity of exhaust. Husqvarna 135 can be called the most intelligent chainsaw among these three tools.

Safety is a very crucial thing, producers do everything to increase this particular characteristic. Nevertheless, gasoline chainsaw remains one of the most dangerous tools in your garage. Actually, Homelite 16 In. 42 cc is the safest variant. Every single chainsaw has inertia chain break system, but this particular model can boast with special T-Tip. This small steel thing protects operators from heavy kickbacks during the working process. Level of noise, dirt and vibration is adequate one in all three non-professional gasoline chainsaws. Your neighbors won’t be unsatisfied by you and your instrument.


How to choose a non-professional chainsaw

Conclusion about the best light non-professional chainsaw

All chainsaws are very good variants for novice loggers, farmers and householders. From the conducted comparison you may see that Husqvarna 135 and Homelite 16 In. 42 cc gasoline chainsaws are more likely to be bought. Those who want reliable and highly technological tool will choose Husqvarna mode. Users who value power and their own safety will definitely buy variant created by Homelite.

Comparison of three non-professional gasoline chainsaws

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