Unbiased comparison of three professional gasoline chainsaws

Review of professional gasoline chainsaws is a common thing on the Internet. Nevertheless, these articles are usually focused on several models. In this comparison there are three instruments, they are Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20, McCulloch CS450 Elite and Partner P360S. All these tools are extremely reliable ones and show good performance even in tough conditions. Still it’s possible to find out what model is the best variant for experienced arborist. All three chainsaws have one thing in common, they are professional ones, but rather light and not so powerful as other tools of this kind.

Specifications gasoline chainsaws

Technical characteristics of professional gasoline chainsaws


Model Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 McCulloch CS450 Elite Partner P360S
Power, kW 2 2 1.52
Engine capacity, cc 45.7 45.7 40
Bar length, inch 20 18 18
Chain pitch, inch 3/8 3/8 3/8
Fuel tank volume, liter 0.45  0.46  0.25
Weight, kg 5 5.3 4.8

All these brands are not very popular among buyers, but still these products can become irreplaceable tools. Professionals will definitely like all three variants, cause they suits for being a reliable back up chainsaws. Still these instruments are for professional use, that’s why even rather complicated tasks can be fulfilled. They have a lot of things in common, but at the same time all three models have a lot of unique features.

First of all let’s start with a short review of Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 gasoline chainsaw. Engine power of this instrument is equal to 2 kW and its capacity is 45.7 cc. Operators can use bars up to 20 inches. The weight of this tool is 5 kg and it is rather heavy for inexperienced users. Number of different technologies used in this gasoline chainsaw, such as Sim-Pul starting technology and decompression valve. It also can boast with rather long period of exploitation, manufacturer ensures customers with 10-year crankshaft and 7-year ignition warranty.

The second instrument under analysis is McCulloch CS450 Elite gasoline chainsaw. It has practically the same engine characteristics as the previous model. Its engine power is equal to 2 kW and capacity to 45.7 cc. Maximum bar length is equal to 18 inches and the weight to 5.3 kg. Modern technologies are also used in this particular model, for example OxyPower Engine that is an eco-friendly one. Other interesting system is a double action safety chain break. Level of safety is very high and this is a great advantage.

And the last but not the least tool is Partner P360S gasoline chainsaw. This model features 1.52 kW engine with the capacity of 40 cc. Operators can work with bars up to 18 inches. Weight of this Partner model is equal to 4.8 kg. Partner Company is daughter-company of Husqvarna Outdoor Products, that’s why products are very qualitative ones and feature some typical Husqvarna technologies. Quick and easy start, together with fuel pump and toolless chain tensioner are very convenient ones.

Closer look at all models

Particular things about chainsaws

Thorough comparison of professional chainsaws

Let’s compare main features of these professional gasoline chainsaws. First of all goes power of engine and performance of the instruments. Two chainsaws Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 and McCulloch CS450 Elite have the same engines and Partner P360S is the less powerful tool among three. Weight of this models are practically the same, the lightest model is Partner. We can speak about very good power to weight ratio of all models, but first two are the most powerful ones. Partner P360S is the most compact and light-weighted one.

Bar length is a very crucial factor for every professional logger. McCulloch and Partner models have bars equal to 18 inches and variant of Craftsman can be equipped with 20 inches bar. According to this Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 can be used for wider range of tasks. Different technologies are used in all models, but Craftsman and McCulloch variants are the most hi-tech ones. It’s very hard to imagine something more reliable than Husqvarna products, that’s why Partner P360S is the most reliable tool of these three variants, but it still needs some maintenance.

These three professional gasoline chainsaws can also boast with rather high level of safety. Nevertheless, due to the presence of double action safety chain break McCulloch CS450 Elite can be considered the best one in this category. Partner model has the biggest number of different small details and systems that simplify logger’s life, these things are very important for professional operators.


Professional tool stands tough tasks

Conclusion about the best light professional chainsaws

Arborists who are in search for a reliable, light and rather powerful gasoline chainsaw should buy Craftsman Pro 45.7 cc 20 because of good engine and sizes of bars. McCulloch CS450 Elite is practically the same but offers more safety and shorter bar. Those people who need not so powerful but extremely reliable instrument for work should definitely have a closer look on Partner P360S. Prices for all three professional gasoline chainsaws are very reasonable ones, so it’s up to users to decide what particular model suits to them.

Comparison of three professional gasoline chainsaws

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