Universal and reliable GreenWorks 20312 cordless chainsaw

Light, powerful and cordless chainsaw isn’t a myth. It is a reality and it’s name is GreenWorks 20312 cordless chainsaw. This instrument is a very interesting one and to some extent non-typical for the majority of cordless tools. Many homeowners will find this model useful and helpful one. Users need no gas, no cords, the only important thing is battery. Those who’re looking for a chainsaw for occasional and regular use should read this unbiased review.

Specifications of GreenWorks 20312

Technical characteristics of GreenWorks 20312


Voltage 40
Bar length, inch16
Chain pitch, inch3/8
Battery, AH 4
Weight, kg3.1

The most crucial information about every cordless tool is its voltage and battery. This model can boast with 40 V Li-Ion system that provides operators with 100 cuts on a single charge. The battery itself is 4 AH and goes with a charger, in case you need to do a lot of things around your household it’s better to buy one additional battery. It’s very convenient to work with one battery and charge the second one, in this case you won’t loose your time. At the same time this is a disadvantage of all cordless tools. Electric motor of this chainsaw is brushless and this means several things. First of all, get ready to 30% more torque that will make better the overall cutting performance. The second point is that this motor creates on 70% less vibration. Cordless tools usually have very low level of vibration but this particular instrument has one of the lowest ones, even STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ is a little bit louder.

GreenWorks 20312 cordless chainsaw is rather powerful tool, if we take into consideration only cordless instruments. Together with powerful motor and good battery goes 16 inches bar, one more non-typical detail to this class of tools. This size allows fulfilling tasks suitable for non-professional gasoline chainsaws and this is the advantage. Yes, operators won’t face problems with cutting branches or trimming bushes. At the same time they can perform more complicated tasks. The only problem is the harder is the tasks the lesser will be the number of available cuts till the next charge. Chain brake and low kickback chain have already saved health of many homeowners. These systems are vital for chainsaw and users, but it’s better to wear some protective gear while working even with this cordless tool.

Universal and non-typical cordless chainsaw

Systems of GreenWorks 20312

Distinctive features of GreenWorks 20312

Inhabitants of small, cozy and quiet neighborhoods like this particular model a lot. Just because it’s very quiet, quitter than the majority of cordless chainsaws and of course than all gasoline ones. The weight of GreenWorks 20312 cordless chainsaw is only 3.1 kg, that’s why this tool is a very convenient one, so users won’t loose stamina too quickly. Women can operate this tool in the garden without problems, cause everything is very simple. Work with this chainsaw brings a lot of positive moments and satisfaction. It’s clean and quiet one, your family mates and neighbors can sleep early in the morning and you can work. Producer provides all customers with scabbard, travel bag and the user’s manual. These small things are very useful so they are a good addition to the instrument. Of course, customers can buy this chainsaw without battery and charger, in case they have some GreenWorks products in the garage. In other cases buy the complete set to live without headaches in the near future.


Summary of GreenWorks 20312

Reasons to buy GreenWorks 20312

In conclusion it’s worth saying that GreenWorks 20312 cordless chainsaw isn’t a typical instrument of this class. It has some distinctive features, but unfortunately pays for all these things with short battery life. This model is very universal one, like Oleo-Mac GS 35 C, but will never replace a real gasoline chainsaw. But if you need a reliable, clean and quiet tool for tasks of easy and average complexity this tool was really created for you.

GreenWorks 20312 cordless chainsaw (video review)

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