Universal gasoline chainsaw for home use

People all over the world try to find reliable and qualitative gasoline chainsaw for work around their households. Many producers offer their models, there is a plethora of tools that suit both for regular and occasional use. Oleo-Mac GS 35 C is a very good gasoline chainsaw created specially for the work around farms and households. This tool is rather reliable and can be used for a great variety of tasks.

Oleo-Mac GS 35 C review


 Power, kW  1.5
 Engine capacity, cc  36
 Bar length, inch  16
 Chain pitch, inch  3/8
 Fuel tank volume, liter  0.36
 Weight, kg 4.4

Oleo-Mac is just the brand of Emak Group, based in Italy. This company has already achieved some reputation at different markets, and now is considered to be one of the leaders among European companies. They manufacture all possible types of tools and machines for gardens and woodlands. Oleo-Mac brand includes instruments starting from different chainsaws and up to transporters and powercutters. Oleo-Mac GS 35 C gasoline chainsaw is a simple and reliable tool that can also boast with reasonable and pleasant price.

This tool has 1.5 kW engine and it will help to perform different tasks, till these tasks are not too hard and tough for this rather micropower engine. There is nothing surprising with the performance of this model, cause it’s not a professional one at all. It has enough power for farmers and houseowners. Chainsaw also has satisfying power-to-weight ratio which means that all appropriate tasks will be done very quickly and easily. Weight equal to 4.4 kg gives the possibility to operate with tool for many hours without. Weight of this model together with its design makes possible easy handling.

Technical data and range of use

Distinctive features of Oleo-Mac GS35C

Oleo-Mac GS 35 C gasoline chainsaw was created for trimming, limbing and cutting small and medium diameter trunks. This model is rather clean and quiet in comparison with other counterparts. Producer took into consideration all anti-pollution regulations, so this instrument is safe for the planet. This tool is also safe to all users, due to the big inertia brake lever, brake activation will happen in all possible working conditions. Logger can use bars from 14 to 16 inches depending on the difficulty of tasks. Novices will find illustrated step-by-step instruction and won’t experience any problems with starting the engine.

Transparent tanks will give the opportunity to check the level of fuel and oil immediately. Starter handle can boast with new design that ensures easy and comfortable start. Producer also created special anti-vibration system, which consists of 3 spring dampers and 3 rubber stops. Air filter has good displacement and availability, so it’s very easy to clean it. Carburetor also features anti-vibration system that makes the life of operator easier and the working term of chainsaw longer. Primer device also helps to start the tool even in cold condition, so it boosts the fuel to the carburetor and the tool starts without problems.

Air filter together with large size sponge make the process of cleaning and maintaining very simple. Automatic system controls oil and this liquid is used only during cutting process, this helps to save oil and guarantees absence of leaks during the work. This compact and light-weighted Oleo-Mac GS 35 C gasoline chainsaw is made like a product of higher category, that’s why it is almost a perfect choice for starters. Tool is a reliable one, it doesn’t need some special maintainace or servicing. Users can clean and change details by themselves, but sometimes it’s better to visit professionals. Producer guarantees 5 years of stable exploitation, but every single operator can increase this term. Take care of this chainsaw and it will bring you wonderful experience as well as many pleasant working hours.

Characteristics of Oleo-Mac GS 35 C (video review)

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